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17 years at the university

17-year brand
There are nearly 600 learning centers in more than 100 cities, and there are more than 10,000 full-time teachers nationwide.
1 to 1 personalized lessons
The University will combine one-on-one personalized lectures with key subject series to achieve multiple learning efficiency, strengthen problem-solving ideas, and improve learning ability!
6 to 1 service model
Quality education consultants, experienced subject teachers, meticulous learning management teachers, accompanying teachers, psychological consultants, and personalized education lecturers.
Personalized tutoring in elementary and high schools
Rich tutoring content
According to students' different learning stages, subject characteristics and tutoring needs, tailor-made tutoring content for students. Including: individualized one-to-one synchronous tutoring for each subject in the school, personalized commissioned tutoring, test series and mock exams, and preparatory course tutoring.
Original PPTS efficient coaching system
After years of education research and practice, the elites of the University have concluded a new set of education models-personalized education (PPTS).
High-quality brands-domestic media reports
Many media have reported on CCTV, China Education Station, People's Daily, China Education Daily, Sina.com, Tencent.

来 Why for 17 years
学子共同选择学大教育? More than 1 million students choose to study at university?

Educational institutions College education XX Agency
Brand A 17-year focus on one-on-one, high-quality brands in the education industry New or co-organized institutions, teaching qualifications are difficult to guarantee
Teachers More than 10,000 full-time teachers carefully selected in 17 years Intern teachers, part-time teachers, etc.
scale The university has been in more than 100 cities across the country for 17 years, and has more than 600 learning centers Small scale, few teaching staff in teaching center
teaching methods Tailored lessons for children, targeted and more suitable for children Teaching in other organizational forms, difficult to take care of every child

Solve learning difficulties and develop learning habits

1 to 1 teaching plan
1 child customized 1 teaching plan
1 to 1 teaching team
1 teaching team for 1 child
Full-time teacher 1 to 1 lecture
Full-time teacher
1 to 1 lecture
Good University Education Brand
17-year national chain brand
1 to 1 education leader
1-on-1 personalized education captures children's talent

课程 Analyze learning situation and customize exclusive courses

  • Teach by aptitude
    Teach students according to their aptitude and personality
  • higher efficiency
    1-on-1 coaching for children with greater concentration and efficiency
  • flexible time
    Children can flexibly adjust class time according to their own time
  • Optional mentor
    You can choose a good teacher, find the right teacher, and have a good teacher-student relationship.
  • Close team
    Personal team teacher, 360 guarantee
  • Learn the details
    Pay attention to the details of the study. You can come to the tutoring center for self-study classes at any time.
  • master the method
    Help children focus more on learning, master methods, improve efficiency, and develop better habits.

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信息,课程包括:语文、数学、英语、物理、化学,在这里您可以查询我们提供的课程大纲,方便您报考选择,学大教育个性化1对1辅导,精心善教, 精品课程希望您的到来。 Xueda Education Tutoring Network provides elementary and middle school students with information on elementary school tutoring courses, junior high school tutoring courses, and high school tutoring courses . The courses include: Chinese, Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry. It is convenient for you to apply for exams, personalized one-to-one tutoring in college education, and careful and well-educated. The quality courses hope you will come. If you need to register, please consult our customer service online.


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